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Ti Amo

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Ti Amo Album Artwork

I wrote this song for my wife in 2018, with the desire to communicate something beautiful through music without words. With the album, I included the following note:

There are certain feelings that words are inadequate to explain. The beauty in a sunset, the majesty of the seemingly infinite sea of stars on a cool summer night, of the myriad points of light painted on the backdrop of infinity. Although this song does not have lyrics, I wanted to try and express in music the feeling of being in love, of looking into your deep blue eyes, eyes like the sea after a storm, and seeing in them the woman that I love. I hope this song comes close to expressing the inexpressible depth of my feelings - every note is me saying in a different way that I love you.

It is my hope that this song will inspire joy and love in the world and that listeners will be inspired to share them with others.

— Jared